Friday, February 10, 2012



Just want to tell others , I'm glad because I'm the work lady and I can buy any stuff that I want . And that surely make me happy as a lady in eightteen yearsold . Correct ? 

Hihi , likes a dream comes true . I really want this kind of stuff . It's make my life meaningful when use it .

Who can just slightly give me this thing if I'm not give it a hardwork .

So , I am proud of myself that I can get this with my own payment :)

EVISU eyewear *o*


  1. Tahniah!!
    Bab eyewear memang better kalau guna duit sendiri...
    Yelah.. sebab benda mahal kan? Tak sampai hati nak mintak duit kat mak ayah... huhuhu XD
    I'm a specky.. so, I am so into this... :)

  2. bgos2... ni yg laki inginkn..

    wanita yg bijak dlm kehidupan..

    berdikari.. :)