Wednesday, June 8, 2011



How great , I'm in tears again . Why ? Broke up with someone ? Fight with anybody ? Got scold ? Arghh , there's no specific reason . Just only one . A single thing that I cant manage it properly . On tuesday , I receive a msg from badut's bro-in-law . 

" As-salam . Anuar kirim salam "

Simple short . But give effect a lot . I use to be okay to face this kind of things . But I cant do it well . If badut know , I will disappoint him much . How could I do more . I just cant stop thinking of him . I admit that I'm wrong . Not treat him nicely and appreciate him at all . It so , urghh , bitch of girlfriend . And now it pay back . I meet badut once since February until now . Not even one person know when he would come back . 

B , you know what . Everyone is missing you . I think that I'm the only one who feel alone . Absolutely rejected , your friend extremely waiting for you hunn . Will you come back ? Immediately , I'm begging you . I'm not stronger like before since you gone .

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